Training Camera is a branch of Blackthorne Films dedicated to advancing firearms training through digital analysis. We record each student’s performance in class with both conventional and high speed video, then offer that critical data to students as a tool to further hone skills and techniques.

Much of what happens in a drill is faster that the eye can see and the brain can capture. Video analysis of a learner’s performance opens up a whole new world in skills evaluation. When speed and accuracy mean life and death, every wasteful movement must be eliminated.


Practice does not make perfect.

Perfect practice makes perfect.




We work with training cadre to develop drills, that when performed by the student, combine as many knowledge points that were covered in that days training as possible. It is critical that we understand each drill, if there is movement, direction changes, elevation changes or obstacles, so we can capture the learner’s performance properly and so that the drill covers as much of what will be tought in the course as possible.


After participating in the initial briefing we fade into the background and out of the way, and focus on course photography and video (cool Facebook pics/video for your students) until the end of the training day. At that time we capture each student completing the drills we developed in stage one from multiple angles and and on high speed cameras.


Once we have each learners footage, we organize that into photography and video packages and post them online in our webstore. Each student gets a private and secure area to review their training package and pay to download it. If the training organization is paying for us to shoot their students, each student gets a login and password to download their training package for free.


There are no mistakes, save one: the failure to learn from a mistake.



Training Camera is turn key. We arrive on site ready to capture each students training. We work with Instructors to create drills that encompass as much of the course curriculum as possible then film those drills. Each student gets a private, secure access area to purchase and download their own pictures and videos. We also work directly with Instructor Cadre and training companies to offer these services as a value add to their students for a flat fee.


We arrive ready to shoot and can have student video available in 72 hours. All aspects of production are handled in house.


We have been filming on live ranges since 2007. We are professionals and do everything in our power to film safely and not add risk to the training environment. 


We can handle any kind of training regimen and work with Instructors to perfect drills that maximize student learning potential. 



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